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A new scam
If it sounds too good to be true, then it is a scam.

Time and again, we have warned our fellow Filipinos, especially those who are abroad, to stay away from investment schemes that offer unusually high returns.

But for some, the lure of easy money has always proved hard to resist. Details...

Anak Araw
Numerong may K
Kapag malikot ang isip, marami ang natututunan. Kahit mula sa mga numero na karaniwan nating iniiwasan. Details...

Migrant's Forum
Celebrating Chinese New Year with a bang
I thought I was just dreaming when I heard the continued blast of firecrackers at around 12 midnight on February 18th, the first day of the Chinese New Year, at Clear Water Bay. For awhile, I thought I was back in the Philippines celebrating the new year with my family, but then I heard the loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals, and I realized I was still in Hong Kong, joining hordes of others in welcoming the year of the sheep. Details...

Know Your Rights
Criminal cases which involve labour claims
In criminal cases, the police should make a thorough investigation when an individual reports a crime to them. This involves recording interviews, gathering evidence, obtaining medical reports and finding witnesses. If the police sees sufficient evidence, an arrest may be done to complete the investigation. Details...

Araw ng Linggo nang sumaglit si Liz sa World Wide House upang mag remit.
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Binay son suspended
The Office of the Ombudsman has suspended for six months Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin "Junjun" Binay and 15 other Makati City government officials in connection with graft complaints arising from the allegedly overpriced construction of a Makati parking building near the city hall.
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Coins for Bethune Part 3
More than $20,000 has been raised in the Coins for Bethune Part 3 annual charity drive, which officially ended with the tallying of donations at Fanny Li Hall in St John's Cathedral on Mar. 8.
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Ilonggo Warriors, kampeon sa paliga ng FBA
Walang pagsidlan sa galak ng Ilonggo Warriors sampu ng kanilang mga taga-suporta nang masungkit nila ang korona bilang kampeon sa pinakahuling paliga ng Filipino Basketball Association na natapos noong Mar. 1 sa Southorn Playground sa Wanchai.
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Two boys were talking and one said to the other, "There is an easy way to get what you want."
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Ano ang hatid ng Marso sa iyo

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  Mid-May 2013 Hong Kong News   
Filipina fighting to be with resident kid wins appeal
A Filipina mother has won a temporary legal victory in her fight to stay and look after her seven-year-old daughter who is a permanent resident here in Hong Kong.

The Court of Appeal reversed the Director of Immigration's decision to refuse an application by Milagros Tecson Comilang, a former domestic helper, to extend her stay in the territory.

In its judgment handed down on May 2, the CA directed the Director to make a fresh determination based on the true nature of the application, which was for Comilang to stay and take care of her young daughter, who is also an appellant in the case.

The Court said the Director's basis for his judgment was "apparently misconceived" since it treated Comilang's bid as an application to remain as her daughter's dependant.

The applicant could not have sought this because her 7-year old daughter "was self-evidently not in a position to support her mother."

To further illustrate the Director's misapplication of the Dependant Policy to the case, the Court referred to the application as a "square peg" which was made to fit the "round hole of his (the Director's) Dependant Policy."

The CA's judgment was, however, not entirely a victory for Comilang.

She now has to wait again for the Director of Immigration to decide on her application to remain in Hong Kong based on the ground ascertained by the Court.Comilang worked as a domestic helper until July 2005.

She was given permission to stay as a visitor until Oct. 10 of the same year.

But three days before the expiry of her visa, she married a Hong Kong permanent resident, and subsequently applied for a change of status.

But the marriage broke down and the husband withdrew his sponsorship in 2007.

Last year, he obtained a decree of nullity of the marriage on the ground that he was already married when he married Comilang.

The daughter, who was born in 2006, automatically became a permanent resident by virtue of her being born in Hong Kong to a parent with the same status.

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