Financial advisor Randell Tiongson's advice to OFWs: Save and invest
Summer holidays are near, so thousands of OFWs are flocking to the Consulate to apply for OECs.
Satisfactory fined $8,400 for overcharging
A notorious recruitment agency has been fined a total of $8,400 by a court in Shatin, after pleading guilty to collecting as much as $21,000 in placement fees from four domestic workers it recruited from the Philippines.

Satisfactory Employment and Travel Services got off lightly after its manager, Susana Ho, told Shatin Magistrate Chan Chi-kim during the Mar. 2 hearing that she was willing to return all the excess money she collected from each of the four complainants. Details...

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Editor's Note
A new scam
If it sounds too good to be true, then it is a scam.

Time and again, we have warned our fellow Filipinos, especially those who are abroad, to stay away from investment schemes that offer unusually high returns.

But for some, the lure of easy money has always proved hard to resist. Details...

Anak Araw
Numerong may K
Kapag malikot ang isip, marami ang natututunan. Kahit mula sa mga numero na karaniwan nating iniiwasan. Details...

Migrant's Forum
Celebrating Chinese New Year with a bang
I thought I was just dreaming when I heard the continued blast of firecrackers at around 12 midnight on February 18th, the first day of the Chinese New Year, at Clear Water Bay. For awhile, I thought I was back in the Philippines celebrating the new year with my family, but then I heard the loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals, and I realized I was still in Hong Kong, joining hordes of others in welcoming the year of the sheep. Details...

Know Your Rights
Criminal cases which involve labour claims
In criminal cases, the police should make a thorough investigation when an individual reports a crime to them. This involves recording interviews, gathering evidence, obtaining medical reports and finding witnesses. If the police sees sufficient evidence, an arrest may be done to complete the investigation. Details...

Araw ng Linggo nang sumaglit si Liz sa World Wide House upang mag remit.
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Binay son suspended
The Office of the Ombudsman has suspended for six months Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin "Junjun" Binay and 15 other Makati City government officials in connection with graft complaints arising from the allegedly overpriced construction of a Makati parking building near the city hall.
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Coins for Bethune Part 3
More than $20,000 has been raised in the Coins for Bethune Part 3 annual charity drive, which officially ended with the tallying of donations at Fanny Li Hall in St John's Cathedral on Mar. 8.
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Ilonggo Warriors, kampeon sa paliga ng FBA
Walang pagsidlan sa galak ng Ilonggo Warriors sampu ng kanilang mga taga-suporta nang masungkit nila ang korona bilang kampeon sa pinakahuling paliga ng Filipino Basketball Association na natapos noong Mar. 1 sa Southorn Playground sa Wanchai.
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Two boys were talking and one said to the other, "There is an easy way to get what you want."
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Chinese Horoscope   
Ano ang hatid ng Marso sa iyo

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  Mid-March 2015 HONG KONG NEWS   
Penalty not enough--claimants
After the initial euphoria of winning their case against the notorious agency that charged them excessive fees, the four Filipina complainants are now having second thoughts about whether justice was fully served them.

Ruth Daria said she was disappointed that she has to wait up to 10 months for the money that was illegally collected from her. She said that her contract is finishing in five months, and she was wondering if there was a way Satisfactory and Ho could be told to pay up before then. Details...

Philippine lawmakers to meet with OFWs in HK
Amid uncertainty over his political future, Rep. Walden Bello is set to lead a delegation from the Philippine House of Representatives to Hong Kong this weekend, where they will hold meetings with various groups, including the Filipino migrant community.

Bello will be joined by seven other legislators: Gabriela's Emmi de Jesus, Ang Nars' Leah Paquiz, OFW Family's Johnny Revilla, Alay Buhay's Wes Gatchalian, Angkla's Jesulito Manalo, and Angelina Tan of Quezon's 4th district. Details...

Consulate hones up for anti-trafficking role
Staff at the Consulate have been given training so they are better prepared to identify and handle possible human trafficking victims among the hundreds of overseas workers who line up everyday to secure services.

"The training was an extension of the anti-trafficking seminar that the Department of Foreign Affairs held last November in Osaka, Japan, for select staff from its various outposts across the Asia Pacific," Vice Consul Fatima Guzman- Quintin told The SUN in an interview. Details...

OEC applicants overwhelm Consulate
Consulate officials held an emergency meeting on Mar 10 as thousands of overseas Filipino workers continued to line up for the overseas employment certificate ahead of planned vacations to the Philippines. Details...

POLO's new office opens
Hundreds of confused OFWs wandered around aimlessly between the footbridges adjoining the United Centre and Admiralty Centre trying to figure out their way to the new Philippine Overseas Labor Office when it opened without fanfare on Mar. 1.

A number of volunteers were stationed at strategic places near the lift lobby of United Centre where the old POLO shared offices with the Consulate, and along the footbridge leading to Admiralty Centre where the new office is located. Details...

Financial guru tells Filipinos: Save and invest
"Filipinos are earning more but saving less, yet borrowing more."

This is, in a nutshell, is why Filipinos need to know more about handling their money, according to financial advisor Randell Tiongson, who gave a lecture on Mar 7 at Fairmont House in Central under the auspices of the Philippine Association of Hong Kong.

Tiongson said that because of the Philippines' booming economy, fueled by remittances from overseas and the burgeoning BPO (business products outsourcing) industry, Filipinos are earning more now. Details...

OFWs urged to manage their earnings wisely
There's no recession in God's economy, said investment guru Randell Tiongson at a financial literacy seminar held on Mar at the Consulate, attended by more than 100 overseas Filipino workers. Details...

DCG set to leave for DC
It does not seem like three years have passed since one of the Philippines' prettiest- and definitely most capable- diplomats blew into town. But a quick check of our past issues showed she has indeed been here that long.

Now, Deputy Consul General Rosanna Villamor-Voogel is set to embark on a new adventure. Armed with a new promotion, DCG leaves Hong Kong on Mar 25 to take up the post of political officer in no less than the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC. Details...

Filipina DH cleared in $1.1 million laundering case
A Filipina domestic helper accused of handling a total of $1.1 million in suspected "dirty money" walked free on March 3 after the Eastern Court acquitted her of two amended charges relating to money laundering. Details...

Money laundering cases up
Police investigators at the forefront of Hong Kong's battle against money laundering face a flood of reports, with more than 100 suspected cases landing on their desks every day - almost double the amount of just three years ago. Details...

Witness insists job scam suspect took fee, not loan
An unemployed Filipino accused of duping five people into paying him thousands of dollars for promised jobs at the Hong Kong airport, reiterated his innocence as the trial resumed on Mar. 10 in Eastern Court after stalling on some legal issues. Details...

DH, employer convicted of running illegal guesthouse
A Filipina domestic worker and her employer are due to be sentenced on Mar. 19 for jointly running an unlicensed guesthouse in Causeway Bay.

Susan L. Plantig was allowed to extend her bail on Mar. 6 after being found guilty of managing the Causeway Bay Mansion guesthouse, and breaching her condition of stay. Details...

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Magkaibang hatol
Dalawang malalaking kaso ng pang-aabuso sa mga kasambahay sa Hong Kong, ang pagpapahirap kay Erwiana Sulistyaningsih at ang pagputol sa daliri ni Anis Andriyani, ang nagkaroon kamakailan ng magkaibang kinahinatnan sa hukuman.

Erwiana returns home after judge jails ex-employer for 6 years
A District Court judge sent out a strong criticism of the government's policy banning live-out arrangements for foreign domestic workers when she sentenced Erwiana Sulistyaningsih's former employer to six years in jail on Feb. 27.

Judge Amanda Woodcock said the abuse suffered by the Indonesian maid at the hands of her former employer, Law Wan-tung, could have been avoided "if maids did not have to live in employers' homes."

Migrant workers get advice from legislators on complaints
Migrant workers riding on the court victory of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih held a "timely" meeting with three sympathetic lawmakers to lobby for stronger laws against what they called slavery-like conditions in many Hong Kong homes.

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Star Pinay pitcher combines work and play
She trains her unblinking eyes on the batter, fills her lungs with air, and waits for the right moment to throw the ball, oblivious of the heckling from her opponents and shouts from her own side.

In a flash, the ball slices through the air and the batter swings her bat too little too late, drops it to the ground and walks away. Don Gaborno has just stricken her out.

"Focus. That's the most important thing for a pitcher," the soft-spoken Fate captain tells The SUN in an interview at The Salisbury at YMCA Hong Kong one Saturday afternoon.

RIP Manny Benitez, Filipino newsman
Veteran Filipino newsman Manny Benitez will pardon his Hong Kong-based former colleagues and other brothers and sisters in the trade if just a handful of them came to bid him farewell.

Journalists, especially sub-editors who man the desks, work until the wee hours putting to bed the city edition, just as Benitez did when he was among them at either The Hongkong Standard or South China Morning Post.

So, on Saturday, March 7, at 9am, only six Filipino journalists came to pay their last respects to the man who was believed to have blazed the Hong Kong trail for Filipino wordsmiths in a memorial service held at St. Joseph's Church on Garden Road.

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